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Milwaukee Attorneys Campo & Blumenfeld, LLC

Family Law, Corporate Litigation, Real Estate Transactions, Bankruptcy, IRS Disputes & Estate Planning

When you retain Campo Blumenfeld LLP, you secure the finest level of legal representation from an established, award-winning downtown law firm. Partners Jill M. Campo and Michael Blumenfeld have earned an outstanding reputation for effective counsel on family issues as well as effective strategies for business law.

Milwaukee Attorneys Have A Proven Record Of Success

Milwaukee LawyersJill M. Campo, Attorney at Law, focuses on family law, bankruptcy, real estate and estate planning. She works carefully and closely with each client to achieve effective outcomes. Jill is an exceptionally compassionate and responsive lawyer. Her achievements were professionally recognized three times as a Super Lawyers “Rising Star” in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Michael Blumenfeld, Attorney at Law, works with closely held businesses in throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. He also provides specialized estate planning, real estate and tax dispute resolution services. He frequently does public speaking on estate planning and general corporate succession planning. Michael actively works with start-up companies seeking non-traditional financing. Attorney Blumenfeld has owned, managed or acted as General Counsel for several closely held businesses. At present, he is General Counsel for Wagner Native Ethanol, LLC and Salus Technologies & Renewable, LLC.

Milwaukee Family Law Attorneys Provide Powerful Counsel

Milwaukee AttorneysFamily disputes can be searing. When dealing with divorce, legal separation or annulment, the emotional burden can be overwhelming. Clients deeply appreciate the compassionate and knowledgeable counsel provided by the experienced Milwaukee family law attorneys at Campo Blumenfeld. Our lawyers are extremely knowledgeable in family law matters, staying with you every step of the way, guiding through complex issues like paternity, voluntary paternity acknowledgements, child custody and child placement. Careful and understanding advice can lead to acceptable outcomes regarding maintenance (child support) and other financial issues. If at all possible, our Milwaukee Family Law Attorneys will strive for as much agreement as possible, reducing the cost, time and emotional stress which accompany these matters. Our Milwaukee family law attorneys also have a wide range of experience in drafting effective and mutually acceptable prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements.

Milwaukee Estate Planning Attorneys Do Precise Planning

Estate Planning Attorneys are extremely proficient with the exacting details and planning required for finest-quality estate planning. Every aspect of the plan must be accurate and planned in detail – wills, trusts and power of attorney. With wise direction, our Milwaukee estate planning lawyers help avoid the details and avoidable costs of probate and trust administration. Integrity, knowledge and experience are keys to providing effective estate planning throughout Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Corporate Law Attorneys Have Hands-On-Experience

Corporate law is a strategic art and a practical science. Our Milwaukee Corporate Law Attorneys at Campo Blumenfeld have worked closely with start-up businesses in the Milwaukee metropolitan area and throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Our wide-ranging experience includes effective strategically effective representation. Business formation, member/shareholder agreements and general business matters are professionally handled with consummate skill. Our Milwaukee business law attorneys have earned an outstanding reputation for effective legal practice regarding representation of both small businesses as well as large businesses. Attorney Blumenfeld currently acts as General Counsel for two fast-growing large businesses.

Milwaukee Real Estate Attorneys Are Well-Versed In Law

Family JusticeReal estate transactions have become increasingly complex with growing liabilities for all participants. Our skilled Milwaukee real estate attorneys at Campo Blumenfeld are extremely skilled in all aspects of real estate law, including offers to purchase, closing assistance, lease preparation and financing. Advance planning and careful attention to detail will assure real estate closings are smooth and on-time. You will be kept up-to-date by our Milwaukee real estate lawyers throughout the entire process. You’ll know what to do, when to do it and how.

Milwaukee Tax Dispute Attorneys Protect Your Rights

The Internal Revenue Service has excellent lawyers. Your legal team of Milwaukee tax attorneys from Campo Blumenfeld will meet them head-on. Our Milwaukee income tax lawyers will fight hard to protect your rights. We are never intimidated when negotiating tax resolutions or offers in compromise. Other law firms advertise their good results in such matters. Your Milwaukee income tax attorneys actually deliver them. You can be confident of superb representation and a just settlement.

Milwaukee Bankruptcy Attorneys Provide Full Protection

In today’s economy, bankruptcy is no disgrace. Milwaukee bankruptcy attorneys know it will provide you with tremendous emotional relief and a fresh, new start. Our Milwaukee bankruptcy lawyers are proficient in Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 128. You will be confident knowing your financial details will be well-documented. Full financial protection will be established for you. Your financial future is at stake and you need the best representation available with our Milwaukee bankruptcy attorneys from Campo Blumenfeld.

For a free, no-obligation initial interview contact the award-winning Milwaukee downtown attorneys at Campo Blumenfeld LLP. Or call us at 414-755-0527.